Below are the rules and innovations used at the 2022 Next Gen ATP Finals:

- First-to-4, Best-of-5 Set Matches

- No-Ad Scoring

- Free Fan Movement

- Live Electronic Line Calling

- Video Review

- Towel Racks

In addition, rules and enhancements for 2022 included:

- Quicker Shot Clock: The time in-between points will be shortened to 15 seconds (from the standard 25 seconds) if the server hits an ace, a double fault or if the returner misses the return through forced or unforced error.

- One Sit-Down Per Set: Players will change ends and sit down for 90 seconds after the first three games are played and then again at the end of the set. There will be no changeover after the first game.

- Three-Minute Warm-Up: The on-court warm-up will be three minutes. There will be a one-minute walk-on, three-minute warm-up and one minute to get ready before the first point.

- Off-Court Coaching: Coaching will be permitted at the event on the same basis as applied in the coaching trial on Tour with one addition: A player will be allowed to talk to his coach if his opponent takes a medical time-out or toilet break.

- Enhanced Analytics: The TennisViz system, in partnership with Tennis Data Innovations, will provide that information directly to a tablet device located in the Player Box area for coaches to use during and after matches.