Next Gen ATP Finals Allianz Cloud, Milan | 9-13 Nov. 2021
The Last Time… With Alex De Minaur
Alex De Minaur

Alex De Minaur is looking for his fourth ATP title this week at the Rolex Paris Masters. © Getty Images

“The Last Time” that rising Australian player Alex de Minaur hit the indoor hard-courts in Europe, he sped through the draw to his seventh career ATP final at the European Open. “The Last Time” he tried to string a tennis racquet? That was much longer ago, and was a much less a successful attempt. 

The 21-year-old Aussie claimed three titles last year to hit a career-high ranking of World No.18, and he’s eyeing a fourth trophy at the Rolex Paris Masters

Currently in the second round in Paris, De Minaur caught up with after his opening victory to reveal the last time he… 

Missed a flight?
I can confirm that I’ve never missed a flight. So I’m pretty good with that. I’m going to have to throw Marc Polmans under the bus there. He forgets things… I think he’s the one.

Lost something important?
I lost the keys to my house. And that was… that was on a night that I came back home probably a bit too late. I may or may not have had to sleep outside. 

Paid money to rent a court?
That’s… that’s a long time. I honestly cannot remember. I reckon I probably never have had to, because I’ve always been training, you know?

Being famous helped me?
Maybe on the flight back from Australia. I got an extra bag at check in. You know, she felt bad for me for having to withdraw from my home Slam and everything so she gave me, like, a pity extra bag.

Strung a racquet?
I’ve only strung my racquets twice. And it took, my first time two hours and the second time an hour and a half. And I skipped a couple of strings, so I can confirm that I’ve never done it again. 

Cooked for myself or others?
Quarantine, actually. I live by myself so I took it upon myself to try it out and see how it went. And, yeah, it wasn’t horrible! My go-to dish? I would probably go either chili con carne or just some chicken fajitas. 

Met a childhood idol?
I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of childhood idols and people I’ve looked up to, especially in the tennis world as Australia has such a rich history. I’ve been lucky enough to get my Davis Cup jacket from Rod Laver, I’ve been fortunate enough to have dinner with Muscles [Ken Rosewall], I’ve had Tony Roche as a Davis Cup coach. I’ve been very fortunate.

Shared a hotel room with another player?
I reckon it’s probably juniors. Juniors, I would say. Blake Ellis is the last person I probably shared a room with. 

Asked someone famous for a selfie?
Probably Hugh Jackman, about maybe a year ago. We were lucky enough to get invited to see The Greatest Showman here in Paris, and we managed to see him backstage and get a nice selfie with him.