Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals Milan | 9-13 Nov. 2021



The Intesa Sanpaolo Next Gen ATP Finals has a round-robin format, with eight players divided into two groups of four. The eight seeds are determined by the ATP Race To Milan standings on the Monday following the Rolex Paris Masters. All singles matches are the best-of-five sets, with each set the first to four games (not six games).


The top-seeded player is placed in Group A and the second-seeded player is placed in Group B. Players seeded 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, are then drawn in pairs with the first drawn placed in Group A. Each player plays the three other players in his group. The winner of each group (best overall record) is placed in separate semi-final brackets, with the top player in Group A playing the runner-up in Group B, and vice versa. If two or more players are tied after the round-robin matches, the ties are broken by a tie-break procedure.

Semi-Final Qualifying Procedure

The final standings of each group is determined by the first of the following methods that apply:
a) Greatest number of wins;
b) Greatest number of matches played;
    Comment: 2-1 won-loss record beats a 2-0 won-loss record; a 1-2 record beats a 1-0 record.
c) Head-to-head results if only two (2) players are tied.